About Laura


Early Illustration

Laura grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL and was interested in art and science from a young age. After a serendipitous lecture given during a high school science class, Laura was introduced to the world of medical illustration. She pursued this field to Iowa State University (ISU), graduating cum laude in December 2015 with a degree in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration and minors in Biology and Mathematics.

Cross sectional illustration of a leaf, depicting guard cells and stomata, vascular tissues, and ground tissues layers. From 'The Important Plant Book' (2005, age 11).
Childhood illustration from a plant book
Mechanism of strawberry plant propagation. From 'The Important Plant Book' (2005, age 11).


After graduating from ISU, Laura accepted a position as the head of the Content & Curriculum Team at BodyViz, a medical visualization software company. For several years, Laura developed interactive anatomy education modules based off of an extensive library of CT and MRI scans. She had the opportunity to work with dozens of domestic and international medical education partners creating custom educational content.

Laura and the BodyViz gang after a training session at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio (UTHSCSA).
Conducting a software training session for the biology faculty and TAs at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).
Exhibiting at the BodyViz booth at the annual AAMC conference.
Laura with a biological project.
Laura after completion of her continous tone illustration at Johns Hopkins.

Johns Hopkins

In 2019 Laura was accepted to the Johns Hopkins University in the Master of Arts in Biological and Medical Illustration program. As a graduate student in the School of Medicine, Laura pursued her passion of working with real patient data in the 3D world to tell compelling stories. She earned several scholarships while in graduate school, including the Ranice W. Crosby Scholarship and Vesalian Scholarship.

2023 and beyond

Laura currently works as an Associate Medical Illustrator for OssoVR. She has worked on creating VR training simulations  for Smith+Nephew’s CORI TKA and Engage PK systems, Johnson & Johnson’s DynaBunion 4D plate for bunion correction, and a generic left atrial appendage occlusion. 

Laura with Team Phoenix during the Osso Winter retreat in April, 2022.
Laura with Team Phoenix during the Osso Winter retreat in April, 2022.

Laura is currently accepting freelance medical illustration or animation work. View her current resume and contact her today.

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